Coolnamarrow is a townland in South-East County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

Area 72:2:39 including 20:0:23 water Coolnamarrow, Drumaa and Mount Sedborough Loughs

This townland remained with a branch of the Mayne family. This Robert Mayne lived in Dublin and held this townland together with Corflugh, Mount Darby and Strananerriagh.


  • 1613 - Coolenemarrowe - Calendar of Patent Rolls of James 265b
  • 1641 - Colenemarowe - Ulster Inquisitions Car I $55
  • 1837 - Coolnamara- Tithe Applotment Books

Coolnamarrow (Irish: Cúil na Marbh) translates as ‘corner or angle of the dead’. We are not sure the correct meaning of this townland. There is evidence of flax holes which are well known to be very bad smelling like something which had died.

Tithe Applotment Books 1837

Land Holder Area
John McManus 5-0-24
Thomas Mulligan 5-1-0
John Mulligan 5-2-28
Francis Johnson 16-2-24
John Smith 4-3-32

Griffiths Valuation 1862

Occupier Lessor Tenement
Patrick Maguire Robert Mayne Land
Francis Johnston Robert Mayne House, Offices and Land
Francis Johnston Robert Mayne Water

1901 Census

Head of Family Landholder (if different)
Mary Anne Johnston
William Johnston

Surnames in 2005

  • Johnston
  • McCabe
  • Toye

Former Residents :

  • Kettyle

At one time, from the 1920’s or possibly earlier, one of these farms was owned by the Kettyle family. James Kettyle was the first farmer in this area to diversify first into tomato growing and then into mushroom growing. Both were successful in the immediate post war years but then imports increased and the transport and marketing facilities here could not compete.


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