Dernawilt Creamery Poem


I was standing at the Creamery when Clones bell struck eight, it was my first big morning so I was afraid of being late. The first to break the silence on that very peaceful morn. Was Tarry on his bicycle, who looked on me with scorn.

"Now, who might you be, Bucko," said Tarry, with a grin.

"I've come to work in Dernawilt, so I'm waiting to get in."

Old Tarry said, "Come on with me and I'll show you around."

He opened wide the swinging doors, which were not very sound. I was standing looking round me to see what I could see.

When all at once old Tarry said, "Come on, just follow me."

I followed Tarry's footsteps, I was keen to do the right

When all at once old Tarry said, "I must run in my bike"

He left me standing all alone until he did come back, I walked around the platform, thinking when we'd start. Suddenly I heard a step come to the Creamery door and when I looked around to see, it was the Manager. I didn't like the look of him, because he did not laugh but soon he hearty welcomed me to be among his staff. He brought me to his office and showed me all the turns, he showed me how to pack the milk and empty all the churns. The first man to come in with milk was bald and grey with age, he had a little yellow van, his name, it was McQuaid. Then out came Mr Murray, who was quite tall and stout, he started to examine cans and throw an odd one out.

"This milk is very bad today, it must be cooled in tubs the only thing we'll have to do is SUB-SUB-SUB!"

The next to come was Lyttle, whose load was twenty-three. He had a big strong helper whose name was Jack McCleary. Next to come was Mills whose load was twenty six. He never liked the film stars, who played so many tricks. Poor Davidson came in at twelve with Bunny by his side and if the lorry ever stopped he just sat down and cried. There was a smart mechanic who came from Summerhill, his name was Mick McManus and he worked on Elliott's hill.

Molly Haslett came to Dernawilt, she asked to see the Boss. I asked what the matter was, she looked so very cross.

"Go up them steps, turn to the left, and you will find the Boss, don't let him put his hand on you, or you will know the cost."

Poor Murray used to always say, "Look at my head, it's bald, you know what is the cause of it. Women come in and squall, you subbed me three times there one week, and I do not know the cause."

"Your can was rotten with oul scum. Why don't you start and scald.?"

"Bad Luck to you and Dernawilt. You'll never live your day; To treat such decent people in that nasty sort of way."