Donagh (townland)


Donagh (pronounced doʊnə/ DOH-nə, from Irish 'Domhnach', meaning 'church')[1][2] is a small village - see Donagh (village) and townland in County Fermanagh.


  • 1507 - Ua Dúnáin Dhomhnaigh Maighe Da Claoíne do mharbhad
  • 1508 - tempall Patraicc do losccadh
  • 1608 - Donoghmoychinny cont. dim. tate
  • 1609 - chapel of ease of Donoghmoycline (Drumulchy parish)
  • 1662 - Donagh
  • 1773 - Donaghmoyglin
  • 1777 - Donough
  • 1834 - Dómhnach "Sunday or church built on Sunday"
  • 1869 - Domhnach
  • 2002 - Domhnach "(early) church"

Donagh was originally known in Irish as Ua Dúnáin Dhomhnaigh Maighe da Claoíne do Mharbhad (meaning 'O'Doonan's Church of the Plain of the Two Slopes'), later known in Irish as Domhnach Maighe Dhá Chlaoine (meaning 'Church of the Plain of the Two Slopes').[3] It was originally anglicised as 'Donoghmoychinny' or 'Donaghmoyline'. It was later anglicised simply as Donagh.

1830's Map


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