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Loughgare is a townland in South-East County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. This large townland can easily be identified as it is the hill directly across Killyfole Lough from the new parking place on the main road. Part of the townland is known as Mullybrim which is the hill at the western end of the Lough. A small portion of the townland extends across the main road.

Area 217:2:16 including 35 acres of water in Killyfole and Back Loughs


  • 1609 - latgirr (Slutdonogh) - Esch. Co. Map, 6 Clankelly
  • 1613 - Latgir - CPR Jas I, 257a
  • 164? - Latgair - Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh), $55 Car.I
       Latgar - Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh), $55 Car.I
       Latger - Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh), $55 Car.I
       Lattgar - Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh), $55 Car.I
       Lattgarr - Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh), $55 Car.I
  • 1659 - Dery - Census 1659, 106
  • 1833 - Loch Gearr "short lough" - J O'D (OSNB), B134 B67
  • 2004 - Leacht Gearr "short cairn or burial monument" - PNP talk, PMcKay/Killyfole DA

Loughgare is believed to mean "burial mound, small or low mound"

Ancient Burial Ground

When Dr P McKay of the Northern Ireland Place Names Project visited the Association in March of 2004, this was one town land he commented on. His research of the name led him to believe that a grave should exist there. That night no one knew anything about it. However, sixty years ago there was a standing stone in a field in Killylackey facing Killyfole Lough and a raised rectangular area known as ‘the croquet ground’. What was not recognized was that the Irish word for grave is croghan and clearly this was the croghan ground and ancient passage grave with a marker. Sadly due to lack of understanding of its significance it was leveled when the land was drained and cleared of trees and scrub.

Griffiths Valuation 1862

Occupier Lessor Tenement
John Elliott In Fee Herd’s house, land & turbary
Michael Elliott In Fee Herd’s house, land
Margaret Crudden M & J Elliott House, Offices & Land
Richard Crudden Michael Elliott House, Offices & Land
James Kearns Michael Elliott Land
Henry Conlon Michael Elliott House, Offices & Land
Philip Sweeny Michael Elliott House, Offices & Land
Sarah Kearns Reps. Robt. Beatty Land

1901 Census

Head of Family Name of Landholder (if different)
John Flynn -
William Kearns Pat Crudden
Pat Crudden -
James Crudden -
Bryan Carlin George Knight
Thomas Forster -

Surnames in 2005

Crudden Carolan McCaffrey