Sweeneys of Killyfole

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James Sweeney

  • b. December 1817
  • Emigrated to Illinois, USA (Approx 1839-40)

James stated in a short biography that he inherited his father’s land when he was 12 years old but had to wait until he was 21 to sell it…1838-1839. Then he and his sister, Mary, immigrated to America. Once in America he bought 160 acres of land on a miner’s reserve (lead mine) in the Galena area. Since the land was worth $5000 USD at that time, he must have had money to buy land, giving credence to his claim of selling his father’s land, probably to a brother or uncle. (Possibly the "John Sweeny", listed on Griffith Valuation 1862)

Mary Sweeney

  • b. November 10, 1821
  • Emigrated to Illinois, USA (Approx 1839-40)

John Sweeney

  • Listed on Griffith Valuation 1862 as "John Sweeny"