William Boyd

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William Boyd (1950-Present)

William Boyd

William also known as Willie or Billy is often seen in Lisnaskea or Enniskillen. However reports of sightings come from throughout County Fermanagh, particularly on Black Saturday and the Twelfth when he marches behind the bands carrying a Union Jack tied to a stick that he's got from a hedge. Other reported sightings are further afield (See Rare Sightings).


  • Aghadrumsee Primary School
  • Lisnaskea High School


In 2009 the local people, proudly gave William the honourable title of "Lord Boyd of Tully". Tully being the townland where Lord Boyd was born and resides. While in the presence of Lord Boyd one should address him as "Lord" or "Sir".

Rare Sightings

  • London - Reports of sightings in a London Airport
  • France - Reports of a voice very similar, however no sighting was confirmed.
  • Balmoral Show, Belfast - Lord Boyd was spotted in the crowd and appeared on stage.


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