Agharoosky is a townland in South-Eastern County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. It was granted in 1611 to Robert Calvert

Area 92: 0: 25


  • 1609 - Agharrusky - Escheated Counties Map 1609
  • 1659 - Agharnsky - Census 1659 (-n- is obviously a mistake for –u-)
  • 1823 - Aharoosky - Church of Ireland Census
  • 1833 - Achadh Ruscaidh "field of the marsh"
  • 1913 - "field of the rúsc, rúscach, or marsh"
  • 2004 - Achadh Rúscaigh "field of the marsh"

Agharoosky (Irish: Achadh Rúscaigh) means “field of the marsh” or "field of the marshy wood"

It is one of several townlands with the name Agharoosky in this area of Fermanagh. There are townlands of Agharoosky East and West in the neighbouring parish of Galloon, and also a townland named Agharoosky in County Leitrim. Agharoosky East, which once was the site of Bishop Heygate’s ‘castle’, the centre of Robert Calvert’s grant, it is reached by the Carneyhome road out of Magheraveeley. Agharoosky West is along the Clones / Newtownbutler road.

This townland joins Corrardaghy along the line of the Killylackey Road and this is where it lived up to its name of being marshy as this stretch of road was notorious for flooding. This low-lying area is locally called ‘the boyne’ and the field next to it in Killylackey is known as ‘the boyne meadow’. The Irish word for bog or swamp is ‘moin’ so this is probably an example of the original word being misheard. Originally it was the ‘moin meadow’.

1823 Church of Ireland Census

The following is an extract from a survey of the North-West Division of Clones Parish.

Name Sons Daughters
Story, John 0 0
King, Robert & Mary 2 3
Noble, James & Mary 3 1
Leslie, George & Jane 4 3
Scott, Widow 4 0
King, Pat & Magdalen 2 2
Noble, Widow 1 2
Elliott, William & Jane 1 0

1830's Map

1841-61 Population

Year Persons
1841 63
1851 11
1861 8

Griffiths Valuation 1862

Occupier Lessor Tenement
Michael Elliott In Fee Herd’s house and land

1901 Census

Head of Family Landholder (if different)
John McCaffrey Mulligan

Surnames in 2005

  • Little

Former Residents:

  • Conlan
  • Johnston

Elliott Family

The Griffith Valuation 1862 lists an Elliott family, which we think were the Elliott family of Drumswords, appear as Lessor for a few surrounding townlands. Loughgare is another townland where the Elliotts have some property.