Arnots of Arnots Grove


The following is an extract about the Arnot family who settled in Arnots Grove

A branch of the Arnot family settled in Ireland in the time of Oliver Cromwell. IN the Records of the Rolls, in the office of Ulster King of Arms, there is a marriage indenture, made in 1658, between James Arnot, county Fermanagh, and Robert Stokes of Tonaghtagerman, in that county, whose sister, James Arnot the elder had married. One of the family of Arnot of Fermanagh was an officer in the army of William III., when in Ireland in 1690. He is said to have distinguished himself in the field, and was honoured with the notice of the king himself, and who styled him “Bucktooth Arnot.” He was to have shared in the king’s bounty, but at the time of his majesty’s distribution of certain confiscated property, as the tradition runs, he was unfortunately absent, and another managed to get what was intended for him. It was ever after a saying among the Irish Arnots that the family “had had ill luck.” There does not appear to be any document in the office of Ulster King of Arms at Dublin which gives a list of the officers of the regiments in the army of William III., when his majesty was in Ireland. What rank “Bucktooth Arnot” held in the army which fought against King James is therefore not known. Whether he commanded a regiment or not is not ascertained, as even the War-office, London, has no means of furnishing a list of officers of the name of Arnot commanding regiments in Ireland during King William’s reign. In the Records of Ulster King of Arms there is the registration of arms to James Arnot of Arnot Grove, May 27, 1747. This James Arnot died in 1780. With a daughter, he had 4 sons, Hugh, Henry, William, and Robert. The eldest and third sons, Hugh and William, entered the army about 1794, the former as surgeon, and the latter as assistant surgeon, 14th Light Dragoons. Both died, with a servant, on the same day, in June 1796, of an epidemic disease, in St. Domingo. Henry, the 2d son, a surgeon at Demerara, is said to have gone to St. Domingo, and nothing was afterwards known of him. Arnot Grove, and another estate in King’s county, fell to the youngest son, Robert. By mismanagement all the Arnot property in Ireland was subsequently lost to the family, and was ultimately sold by auction by order of the Encumbered Estates court. Thus lapsed the estate and property of the family of Arnot of Fermanagh, and it is not known if there is any person of the name descended from this family in Ireland. The last was James Arnot of Rich-hill, Armagh, who had no male issue, grandson of John Arnot, brother of James Arnot of Arnot Grove, father of James of 1747. The family of Arnot Grove are represented, in the female line, by the issue of the only daughter of the latter. This gentleman had no brothers or sisters, but he had three uncles, brothers of his father. The eldest, Hugh Arnot, principal of an educational Institute at Edenderry, King’s county, dying unmarried, left his property to his nephew, James Arnot of Arnot Grove. Michael Arnot, the second uncle, had two daughters, one of whom married a gentleman of the name of Buchanan, and was mother of Mrs. Gabriel Montgomery of Lisnaskea. John Arnot, the third uncle, had a son, Hugh, who married Sarah, daughter of John Davies of Markethill, Armagh. Hugh’s son, James Arnot, married Agnes, daughter of John Thomson of Stoneygate, Ayrshire, heiress of the lands of Stoneygate, and had two sons, John Thomson Arnot, and Hugh Arnot.

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