Arnots Grove


Arnot's Grove is a townland in South-East County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Area 82:2:5 including 2:0:32 water, Back Lough, Rossbrick Lough.


  • 1716 - Owencalinidan - Maine et al to Haris et al Book 48, Page 213 No 31398 dated 22 January 1716
  • 1823 - Arnot's Grove - Church of Ireland Census
  • 1833 - Abhainn Chalmadáin "Calmadan's river" - J O'D (OSNB), B134 B67
  • 1837 - "Anhelmadon or Grove" - Tithe Applotment Books

This townland was settled and named after the Arnot family. We are not sure of its original name, however given the close family connection to Tonitygorman it may be part of this townland.


This townland is tucked in between the larger townlands of Rossbrick and Loughgare and originally the lane way to it was from the Golan Road through Rossbrick but the present resident has made a new laneway out unto Drumaa Lane which gives him access to the New Line / Dernawilt Road.

1823 Church of Ireland Census

The following is an extract from a survey of the North-West Division of Clones Parish.

Name Sons Daughters
Wiggins, John & Isabella 1 0

1830's Map

Tithe Applotment Books 1837

Its interest to note that this entry gives a clue to the old name of Arnots Grove. The Tithe Applotments call this townland "Anhelmadon" and a small note can be seen above the or, questioning the name!! I wonder did the writer of this think it was "His Grove" and assume Anhelmadon was a person?

Land Holder Area
Margaret Kearn 8-0-0
Mick McFadian and Hugh McDonnell 5-3-20
Mick Kearn 3-0-0
John McDonnell 6-0-19
Edward Louge 4-1-0
Terenne Reilly 4-1-27
James Reilly 4-3-0
Andrew Forster 3-0-0
Patt Kearn 9-3-0
Owen Gunn 3-0-0
John Slorey(Storey??) 2-0-0

1841-61 Population

Year Persons
1841 39
1851 23
1861 28

Griffith Valuation 1862

Occupier Lessor Tenement
Patrick Kearns James Hare House, Offices & Land
Michael Gunn House, Offices & Land
Sarah Kearns House & Land
Samuel Crudden James Hare House, Offices & Land
Patrick Scollan James Hare House, Offices & Land
Hannah Monaghan James Hare House, Offices & Land
James McCaffrey James Hare House, Offices & Land
Bernard Kearns James Hare House, Offices & Land

1901 Census

Head of Family Landholder (if different)
Thos Kearns
John McGeehan
Anne Crudden
James McCaffrey
Patrick Kearns

Surnames in 2005

  • Kearns

Family Connections